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Subject: Replt to Killercaop website


Dear Killercop..

As I sit here having just finished reading your web page, I feel the sudden desire to vomit...could it be from the stench that such a site creates, or is it just the laughter that is generated when someone such as yourself (ie. IQ in single digits)actually manages to write a whole sentence without the help of your pre school teacher.

Needless to say, this police officer is more than happy for freedom of speach to prevail and having said that, please allow me to use a bit of this freedom in describing you...The words dickhead and looser come to mind, but considering they contain to many letters per word, I'm sure you'd have to get your parole officer to read them out and subsequently explain them to you, to help in this regard, everytime you hear the word dickhead, Look in the mirror and you are well on the way to knowing the meaning. Well it's time for me to go out and keep the streets safe from sick and demented people just like yourself, Maybe I'll drop in and visit you the next time you are sharing your cell with some big hairy guy who calls you bitch.......Next time your biting on that pillow, remember tht we are all thinking of you with the extra special bit of interest that a spoon such as yourself deserves, sleep sound looser....

KILLERCOP REPLY:  No, that sudden desire to vomit is from the drugs you digested after stealing them with your fellow Rampart Officers from the people you are supposed to be busting.  I am glad the drugs have made you so "happy" but they are already affecting your "speach". 

Thanks for stopping by officer...we will be looking at you very carefully in the had better cross those t's and dot those i's.



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