Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 22:45:35 -0700
From: (killercop)
To: cbcSteven <>
Subject: Warrant
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Dear Steven,

I need to make something very clear to you regarding this past weeks
events of a threat to your company's computers by a Mike Metz of the
High Tech Crimes Division of Sacramento and Mr. Willis of the LAPD.
As you have conveyed to me, Mr. Willis from the LAPD and Mr. Metz from
the HTCD said they were going to serve a warrant to seize my personal
data. Further, under the threat of seizure of your company's computers,
if you failed to turn over my personal information, which was previously
hosted, on your computer, they would cause you great financial hardship.
I am under the impression from you, during our conversations, that said
data has been removed from your company's computer as of 4/22/1998 and
is now being hosted by another company's server in Russia.  Since you
have made this fact know to the LAPD and Mr. Metz of the High Tech
Crimes Division of Sacramento last week, your company is under no legal
obligation to turn over this data.  The fact that they have tried to
Extort this data in violation of one or more Penal Codes of California
leads me to believe they will attempt to follow up on their threats and
secure my personal data.  

As you are aware, a lot of my data contained within my domain is NOT
available or shown on the domain.  Your complying to this threat and
copying of this data to CD-ROM format, as you have informed me you have
done and are going to do if they arrive to carry out their threat,
causes me great concern. I will once again make the request that you not
turn over my personal property. I have provided you and your associates
today with the Penal Codes I believe they are in violation of in an
effort to help your company protect itself. Should your company choose
not to use this information I have provided and you proceed to turn over
my personal information it will violate one or more civil and
constitutional laws. This will leave me little recourse then to proceed
to court to remedy this situation. I HAVE ABSOLUTILY NO DESIRE TO DO
PROVIDE YOU WITH THIS INFORMATION. Please give this great consideration
in your decision and act accordingly in your best interests as you see

Should you wish to discuss this issue you can reach me between the hours
of 7AM to 6PM by my pager at 310-501-0295, I will return your call with
in minutes. After 6PM, please call my home number at 310-659-8246

As of tonight's date, my domain is still not up and I continue to
receive the error message of no DNS despite assurance that it would be
back up after being moved to Russia last week. Please take steps to
correct this ASAP.  If it can not be fixed with in the next 24-48 hours
please let me know so I my take the proper steps to ensure the
continuation of my service.